Fall 2018 - Bill 20: Securities Amendment Act

The Securities Act is amended annually to strengthen, modernize and harmonize Alberta’s securities laws with provincial securities laws across Canada. Treasury Board and Finance is proposing amendments to the Securities Act be introduced and passed in the Spring 2018 legislative session. 


Key Points

Alberta remains committed to working with other provinces, territories, the federal government and securities regulators to make continuous and incremental improvements to Canada’s existing securities regulatory system.

This is part of a continuing effort to keep the legislation current to meet the evolving needs of today’s capital markets.

These amendments will ensure our securities regulatory system reflects the realities of today’s markets, as well as changes to international standards and ongoing global regulatory reform initiatives.

Regularly updating the Securities Act gives investors confidence that Alberta’s market is fair and up-to-date.

We are creating a benchmark regime that will give investors and lenders confidence that neither party is able to manipulate interest rates to their advantage

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