Fall 2018 - Bill 19: An Act to Improve the Affordability and Accessibility of Post-Secondary Education

The amendments to the Post-secondary Learning Act will protect students from unfair tuition spikes by aligning increases to Alberta’s Consumer Price Index, and allow the minister to order tuition freezes to ensure affordability for students. The changes also tie mandatory non-instructional fees to the actual cost of the services, and ensure they can be frozen to ensure affordability.

For a fifth consecutive year, tuition and fees will remain frozen to ensure more students can afford a university or college education. University students taking an average-priced undergraduate program would save almost $2,000 on a four-year degree. In addition to predictability of tuition, students will have increased say in decisions that affect them with the requirement of written consent for new mandatory non-instructional fees.

In addition, with the passing of the bill, post-secondary institutions across Alberta will be more collaborative and accessible for students moving across various institutions. This includes ensuring that post-secondary institutions can transition to universities to meet the needs of learners in every corner of the province.

Key Points

Students will have better access to affordable, high-quality learning opportunities now and in the future with changes to post-secondary education.

Cost should never be a barrier to a good education, so we’re taking a measured approach to tuition and fee changes so that all students can access an affordable, high-quality education.

The government is creating checks and balances to better control tuition and fees and make sure any increases are regulated, fair and sustainable so when the freeze lifts, Albertans will not see tuition costs spike as students in other jurisdictions have.

Modernizing the organization of the post-secondary system will ensure learners have increased access to quality, affordable learning opportunities in all regions of the province.

Alberta’s post-secondary system will continue to offer high-quality programming that puts students first, now and in the future because of changes being made by this government.

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