Fall 2016 - Bill 30: Investing in a Diversified Alberta Economy Act

Bill 30 is legislation that will put into effect a suite of tax breaks for companies looking to invest in Alberta.

Alberta's small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs will get better access to capital investments.

During an economic downturn it is important to support new investment so businesses can do what they do best - create jobs.

We want jobs that stay in Alberta...

The two tax credit programs being proposed are:

The Alberta Investor Tax Credit - this supports investment in small Alberta businesses.

The Capital Investment Tax Credit - this supports large-scale capital investment.


Bill 30 passed third reading in the Legislature on Dec, 1, 2016 and came into force January 1, 2017.


Key Points

Alberta has lagged behind other jurisdictions which offer tax incentives for investment in their provinces or states.

When the oil and gas business was booming, investment dollars flooded in to take advantage of that boom.

When the oil price declined, investment left the province.

We want jobs that stay in Alberta, no matter what the international price of oil.

These tax credits will open doors for investment in new businesses and existing businesses that will diversity our economy.



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