Fall 2016 - Bill 27: Renewable Electricity Act

The Renewable Energy Act and the Renewable Energy Program proposes a competitive and transparent regulatory framework for developing renewable energy.

Industry is excited about the potential for investing in Alberta once the new regulatory framework is established.

The Alberta New Democrat Caucus is proud to support the continued implementation of Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan, creating jobs, investing in our future and doing our part in the global drive towards lowering carbon emissions. 


Bill 27 passed third reading in the Legislature on December 13, 2016.


Key Points

This legislation establishes a framework for the development of renewable energy resources.

Some of the most important items include:

  • The ability of the Alberta Energy System Operator to make sure that investments are good investments for both the electricity system and the province.
  • The ability of Alberta Environment and Parks to make sure that wind and solar projects don't unreasonably impact the quality of life for Albertans.
  • Creating a way for private investment to create jobs in developing industries and clean up our environment at the same time.

Press releases

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