Fall 2016 - Bill 21: Modernized Municipal Government Act

Municipalities in Alberta - whether large cities like Calgary and Edmonton, or rural municipalities with populations of less than 1,000 - are all governed through the Municipal Government Act. With over 700 sections, it is the province's second-largest piece of legislation.

Every Albertan is directly affected by the decisions and choices their municipal governments make.

The Modernized Municipal Government Act is the direct result of consultations that have been held across Alberta since 2012.

The consultations will continue as regulations are crafted with the input of municipalities and other stakeholders.



Key Points

The Government of Alberta is committed to ensuring that municipalities have modern and efficient legislation in place, and that local governments are empowered to provide a high quality of life and make the best decisions for you.

It is also critical that the legislation creates fair and equitable taxation policies that help industry and business grow our economy.

We are achieving this with the help of thousands of regular Albertans and municipal stakeholders who have taken part, and will take part in further consultations.

To learn more about the legislation and the ideas being discussed, and to provide your input, please go to:

Continuing the Conversation (Discussion Guide)

Online Survey


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Public input strengthens municipal legislation