Posted on Mar 23, 2017


EDMONTON – NDP MLA Bruce Hinkley is calling on Wildrose MLA Drew Barnes to withdraw his funding for the film The Environment: A True Story.

“The Wildrose howls every time they’re called climate change deniers, and yet their Energy Critic endorses and now financially supports these conspiracy theories,” said Hinkley. “His ideas would put pipeline approvals and the reputation of Alberta’s energy industry at risk – that’s why he needs to withdraw his funding for this project.”

John Robson, the filmmaker producing The Environment: A True Story, publicly thanked Mr. Barnes for funding his film. Former Wildrose MLA Paul Hinman was also thanked.

The Environment: A True Story is described as a documentary explaining “what we really know about Earth’s climate over 500 million years, dispelling pseudoscientific scaremongering.” Robson is seeking crowd funding for the documentary, in which he claims he will demonstrate that the “global warming alarmist orthodoxy” is demonstrably false.

In a recent article in the National Post condemning ‘The cult of the anti-scientific climate model’, Mr. Robson states, “We should try to explain the evidence. Including that winter still happens,” apparently claiming that winter is evidence that climate change is a hoax.

“We’ve seen a disturbing pattern of climate change denial from Mr. Barnes, who has promoted dozens of social media posts denying climate change and calling climate science a fraud,” said Hinkley. “Albertans want their MLAs to focus on jobs and supporting a strong energy industry. In promoting these theories, Mr. Barnes hurts the reputation of our energy industry and does nothing to make life better for the people we were elected to represent,” said Hinkley.




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