Posted on Nov 15, 2018


For immediate release

November 15, 2018

EDMONTON – Following an announcement that schools with non-compliant gay-straight alliance policies would have their policies replaced with ones that protect LGBTQ kids, Jason Kenney defended these homophobic policies as “garden-variety statements of faith”.[1]

Schools put forward these policies, and intended to apply them to LGBTQ youth. Here are just some of the so-called “garden-variety” policies that Mr. Kenney thinks are fine to apply to kids:

  • “…while we recognize the inherent dignity of all humans, and affirm the equal value of every person, we also recognize that not all are equivalent. Therefore, Biblical distinctions such as those between children and their parents, as well as between men and women, must be maintained.”

  • “God created mankind as male and female, equal in dignity and worth, yet with distinct and complementary roles. Men and women are to dress and behave in accordance with their biological sex.”

  • “We believe that men and women were created by God in His own image, that marriage was instituted by God whereby a man and a woman are joined together in lifelong commitment to faithful companionship, and that Biblical marriage is the only legitimate and acceptable context for sexual intimacy.”

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom posted these statements online[2], after also attacking Eggen for his work to support GSAs. The JCCF’s head, John Carpay, is the man who compared the Pride movement to the rise of Nazi Germany in a speech over the weekend.[3]

Mr. Kenney said extremists weren’t welcome and voted to remove them from his party. Will Kenney throw Carpay out and stop defending homophobic policies about LGBTQ youth as "garden variety"?


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