Posted on May 5, 2019

What is at stake for women's rights with Kenney's far-right cabinet?

EDMONTON - With the Wilberforce Project bragging to media that they have “the ear of government”[1] what does this mean for the right to access abortion?

Cameron Wilson the Political Director of the anti-choice Wilberforce Project told the CBC that his group was “pleased” with new Education Minister Adriana LaGrange calling her “a pick we’re happy with,” and noting her long affiliation with Red Deer’s anti-abortion movement.[2]

“This raises more concerns about Jason Kenney’s judgement,” said NDP Edmonton-Glenora MLA Sarah Hoffman. “The UCP ran out of the legislature rather than vote to protect women seeking to access abortions, and now their cabinet is getting rave reviews from radical anti-abortion groups. It's time for Premier Kenney to start putting Albertans above his far right-wing base.”

With the Wilberforce sharing petitions calling for the repeal of Bill 9 and abortion bubble zones[3], and with them bragging about the influence they have in Kenney’s cabinet, Jason Kenney and the UCP need to immediately confirm that they will maintain the protections legislated in Bill 9.  


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