Posted on Jan 26, 2021


EDMONTON - The UCP members of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have voted down a motion requesting the release of all documents related to the secretive Keystone XL deal. 


The NDP called the PAC meeting to formally request that Cabinet waive privilege and release the full risk analysis, and all financial documents related to the deal within 30 days. In a vote of 8 to 3, all UCP committee members voted against the motion. The UCP members also refused to speak towards the motion and refused to provide any rationale for voting against it. 


“Albertans deserve to know exactly how much of their money is at stake due to Jason Kenney’s risky bet,” said NDP Energy Critic Kathleen Ganley. “From day one, he’s hidden the deal from Albertans, but it’s time for him to quit hiding and release the deal.”


In March, Premier Kenney announced Alberta was investing up to $7.5 billion in Keystone XL despite facing significant legal and political risk. Kenney has refused to publicly release the deal or any risk analysis associated with the deal. 


At the PAC meeting on November 17, 2020, committee member NDP MLA Marlin Schmidt asked the UCP government to release the details of the deal and associated analysis. However, Cabinet replied that a formal request to waive privilege was needed at the Committee before any documents could be released. 


“A thousand Albertans are out of work, and Alberta has lost an important opportunity to get our product to market,” said Ganley. “Albertans don’t want excuses, they want answers. And more importantly, they want a plan to rebuild our economy and support the workers who lost their jobs after the project was cancelled.”