Posted on May 14, 2020


EDMONTON – Jason Kenney and the UCP should reimburse businesses in Calgary that have incurred unrecoverable costs from preparing to reopen, says Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley.

After telling Calgarians that the relaunch plan was on track for the last two weeks, Jason Kenney gave restaurants, hair salons and other businesses just 18-hours’ notice that they would not be allowed to reopen as planned. Many businesses have already made investments in rehiring staff and stocking up on inventory to be ready to open for the May long weekend that are now unrecoverable.

“Calgarians have every right to be frustrated and disappointed,” said Notley. “Jason Kenney made this decision with less than a day’s notice. Businesses that raced to get ready to meet the Premier’s date—spending money on inventory, on PPE, on physical barriers, on getting staff lined up—were blindsided. These businesses and their employees deserve better.”

The Alberta NDP Caucus is calling on Jason Kenney and the UCP to reimburse any business that has incurred costs from preparing to open that they now won’t be able to recover. This would include:

  • The cost of rehiring staff.
  • PPE procured at inflated costs.
  • Physical barriers installed on a rushed basis.
  • Cleaning that will need to be re-done.
  • The cost of spoiled inventory, including perishables in restaurants.