Posted on Sep 11, 2020


EDMONTON - The UCP needs to immediately stop any planned cuts to AISH following reports from Postmedia that the UCP is considering further heartless cuts to the supports Albertans with disabilities rely on.

Postmedia revealed Friday that Jason Kenney and the UCP Government are considering further cuts to AISH as part of their review of the program. Senior Sources within the Department of Community and Social Services have told the media that the cuts planned will be significant.

“It is easy to be generous and kind when times are good, but it is much more difficult when times are hard. While Albertans are pulling together in the face of COVID-19, Jason Kenney is cutting support from the most vulnerable,” said Rachel Notley, Official Opposition Leader. 

“Jason Kenney handed $4.7 billion dollars to big corporations and he wants Albertans living with disabilities to pay for it. I call on him to stand up, reject the immorality of this decision, and state unconditionally there will be no cuts to the benefits received by Albertans living on AISH.”

Since taking Office the UCP has repeatedly attacked AISH recipients through de-indexing AISH payments from the rate of inflation, changing payment dates with zero consultation, clawing back provincial benefits from those receiving federal benefits, cutting supplemental benefits for things like medical transportation and rental supplements.

“Further cuts to AISH would be devastating,” said Marie Renaud NDP Community and Social Services Critic. “Many are already struggling, on the edge of homelessness. Cuts like this will make it harder for those on AISH to afford basic needs like food, rent and transportation. The UCP needs to immediately and publicly rule out further cuts to AISH and income supports, and then reverse the harmful policies like de-indexing and clawing back benefits. It's time the UCP started treating Albertans with disabilities with the respect they deserve.”