Posted on Jun 10, 2020


EDMONTON – The Alberta NDP Caucus is calling on the UCP to establish a panel⁠—chaired by members of the Anti-Racism Advisory Council, Indigenous leaders and Black Lives Matter advocates—to hold public hearings, hear the stories of Albertans and make recommendations back to the Assembly by the fall.


On Tuesday, Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer announced he would conduct meetings with police chiefs, First Nations and minority groups to find ways to change regulations or procedures. However, the meetings would be behind closed doors and with no public participation.


“Tens of thousands of Albertans across the province are protesting to call for an end to systemic racism and violence. This is a significant moment for our province, and all Albertans need to be part of the solution,” said Notley. “We won’t find meaningful answers behind closed doors. We must have this conversation in the open.”


The Alberta NDP Caucus will bring forward a motion to seek the support of the Assembly for establishing this panel at the earliest opportunity.