Posted on Oct 29, 2020


EDMONTON - In the wake of the latest member of Jason Kenney’s Government Caucus denying climate change, Alberta’s NDP will be calling in Question Period for a full denouncement of these harmful views, which harm the province’s economic future.

In a Members Statement on October 28, 2020 UCP Vermillion-Lloydminster-Wainwright MLA Garth Rowswell challenged the science of climate change, calling it, “alarmist rhetoric by the supposed experts” and stated the importance of recognizing that the “dominant narrative is not the only narrative.” Rowswell also claimed that climate change came from “extremist agitators and malcontents who stand against capitalism and free markets.” Finally, Rowswell called for the expanded use of fossil fuels.

“These type of reckless and irresponsible statements need to be immediately denounced,” said Kathleen Ganley NDP Energy Critic. “When the UCP applaud their MLAs denying the science of climate change in the Legislature, it undermines our energy sector and sends a dangerous message to the global markets and investors. I will be asking the Premier to denounce this harmful statement. I hope the Premier and Energy Minister will take the next few hours to think about where they stand on this critical issue and do the right thing.”

The NDP hopes that by giving the government a heads up about the questions that they will be taken seriously and the response is given proper consideration and a fulsome response is given.

“Despite what you heard from the UCP Caucus yesterday, the science is settled and climate change is real,” said NDP Environment Critic Marlin Schmidt. "These claims do nothing but embarrass Alberta on the international stage. Moreover, failing to take the threat of climate change seriously puts the future of our planet and our economic reconstruction at risk."

Rowswell comments go to a long history of the UCP denying the science of climate change which also includes:

  • Premier Jason Kenney tweeting in 2016 that “Co2 is not pollution. Life would cease to exist without it. Our forest breath Co2” and in 2017 telling a group of supporters “the climate’s been changing since the beginning of time right?”
  • UCP MLA Whitney Issik stating that for some climate change was a “pretty good thing”,
  • UCP MLA Angela Pitt writing a letter to a constituent stating “Climate changes all the time,” and “There is evidence some climate scientists have been discredited.”
  • UCP MLA Drew Barnes sponsored a video that denied the science of climate change.
  • UCP MLA Tany Yao retweeting comments calling climate change a hoax.