Posted on Jul 27, 2020


EDMONTON - The UCP is planning to invoke closure on Bill 30 and Bill 32, ending the Legislature’s opportunity to debate these pieces of omnibus legislation.

If passed, the motions invoking closure would limit debate in the Legislature to two hours on the UCP plans to bring American-style health care to Alberta and 2 hours on a bill that would end overtime and strip away the democratic rights of workers in Alberta.

Bill 30 is omnibus legislation that amends 10 pieces of legislation. Bill 32 is omnibus legislation that makes extensive changes to the Employment Standards Code and the Labour Relations Code to remove the employers obligation to pay overtime, provide notice to employees on changes to their hours, and takes money out of workers’ pockets by changing how employers calculate holiday pay.  

“Silencing any form of debate has become a pattern for this government,” said NDP House Leader Heather Sweet. “The UCP is yet again treating the Legislature like their personal playground and forcing through legislation that will cut workers’ pay and privatize healthcare. This comes as Jason Kenney is doubling down on his failed $4.7-billion corporate handout.”

Sweet says that her Caucus strongly opposes both Bills and the NDP Opposition intended to bring forward numerous amendments to try to limit some of the damage Bill 30 specifically will do to healthcare services relied on by Alberta families.

“Bill 30 is not about helping Albertans access health care when they need it,” Sweet said. “It’s about introducing profit to our health care system and opening the door to American-style health care and the UCP clearly don’t want Albertans to know about it.”

Sweet added Bill 32 is designed specifically to cut wages for workers and take away their rights to speak out about unsafe working conditions.

“Once again, the UCP is picking the pockets of Alberta workers to help fund their more than $4.7-billion handout,” she said. “This is about creating loopholes for already profitable corporations and everyone else is left picking up the bill.”