Posted on Jul 20, 2020


EDMONTON — As part of their justification to proceed with an American-style blood collection model, UCP members relied on testimony of an American who endorsed a move where profits are at the centre instead of patient care.

On Monday, UCP members voted to proceed with Bill 204, Voluntary Blood Donations Repeal Act. This bill will allow blood collected in Alberta to be sold to outside markets, reducing voluntary donations in Canada. Exporting Canadian plasma will give Canada less control of its own blood supply.

Bill 204 repeals the voluntary blood donations act brought in by the NDP in 2017 led by former Health Minister and current MLA for Edmonton-Glenora, Sarah Hoffman.

“It is disheartening to see the UCP put forward a bill that will threaten our domestic blood supply,” said Sarah Hoffman. “This is clearly part of a larger UCP move to American-style healthcare on all fronts. The UCP is pushing profit-centred, not patient-centred, healthcare”

To make their argument, the UCP invited an American-based professor from Georgetown University, Dr. Peter Jaworski, to advocate for an American model of blood sales. 

Dr. Graham Sher, CEO of Canadian Blood Services, told the committee he could not remain neutral on this bill and recommended that Alberta does not repeal the Voluntary Blood Donations Act.

Hoffman said, “It is telling that the UCP won’t listen to Canadian Blood Services.”