Posted on Oct 28, 2020


EDMONTON -- A member of Premier Jason Kenney’s UCP caucus denied climate change in a speech in the Alberta legislature today, and argued that humans should be burning more fossil fuels.

Garth Rowswell, UCP MLA for Vermillion-Lloydminster-Wainwright, challenged the science of climate change, calling it, “alarmist rhetoric by the supposed experts” and stated the importance of recognizing that the “dominant narrative is not the only narrative.” Rowswell also claimed that climate change came from “extremist agitators and malcontents who stand against capitalism and free markets.” Finally, Rowswell called for the expanded use of fossil fuels.

Alberta’s NDP Official Opposition calls on Premier Kenney to immediately disavow Rowswell's comments.

“The science on climate change is settled,” NDP Leader Rachel Notley. “We cannot expect to attract investment to this province when members of the governing party are denying the science of climate change.

“As a province that relies on the non-renewable energy sector, it is critical that our efforts to reduce emissions are taken seriously. The efforts of industry leaders and the public service will be utterly dismissed if statements like that from the governing caucus are allowed.

This is shameful. It's damaging to our economy at a time when we need a new strategy to create jobs and spur growth. I call on Jason Kenney to immediately disavow these comments from his MLA. If he won't, I can only assume he agrees with him.”