Posted on Mar 11, 2020


EDMONTON - The Alberta Teachers’ Association says cuts in Jason Kenney’s 2020 broken promise budget could see 1,400 teachers fired and the Official Opposition is calling for the Premier to come clean and finally admit that he’s putting the needs of big corporations over school kids. 


“The UCP government continues to break their promises when it comes to funding education,” said Sarah Hoffman, NDP critic for Education. “Everyone knows that refusing to fund enrollment growth is a cut, and at the end of the day, it will be students that bear the brunt.”


Cuts of more than $120 million in Budget 2020 compound losses from the fall budget, which saw overall cuts of $136 million to schools. Jason Kenney and the UCP have said they will “not blink” when it comes to their plans to cut public services to pay for their $4.7-billion corporate handout.


“Our students and teachers can’t keep taking hits while this government moves ahead with their $4.7 billion handout to profitable corporations,” Hoffman continued. “In light of the crisis we face as the global price of oil crashes, this UCP government must revisit their priorities, stop the handouts to profitable companies, and focus on keeping teachers in the classroom.”


Since Jason Kenney announced his corporate handout, Alberta has lost 46,000 jobs. The impact of the current crash in oil prices will likely mean more job losses. Firing teachers while Albertans are struggling will only make a bad situation worse.


“The UCP is basically kicking Albertans when they’re already down,” said Hoffman.