Posted on Mar 20, 2018

UCP argues for more funding for sexual assault services, just days after voting against it

EDMONTON – The UCP caucus must explain why their Finance critic said last night the UCP supports more funds for services for sexual assault survivors, but their caucus voted against that same funding only five days ago.

UCP Finance critic Drew Barnes said, “This side of the House believes totally in emergency response, money for fire-related costs, funding for sexual assault victims’ services, money for additional police.”[1] However, when the Assembly voted on putting more funding into sexual assault services last Thursday, UCP MLAs voted “no” to the funds.[2]

The Minister of Status of Women, Stephanie McLean, explained that the Government of Alberta is funding an additional $8.1 million in funding into the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services, which is the most funding that any province has ever provided to these sexual assault centres.[3]

The UCP caucus can’t have it both ways. If they support funding for sexual assault services, they should stop voting against that funding.


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