Posted on Jun 6, 2017


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June 6, 2017

EDMONTON – With the Legislative session wrapping up, it’s time to recall the top twelve times the Wildrose and PC caucuses didn’t stand up for Albertans this spring session.

  1. “Feminism is Cancer” – The Wildrose’s official campus club invited students to a film screening tagged with “Feminism is Cancer.” The Wildrose axed the club.
  2. Attacking People with Disabilities – The PC caucus apologized for comments from both Ric McIver and Prab Gill. McIver said health services for persons with disabilities were “handouts” and Gill agreed with a commenter calling Alberta voters the “r-word.”
  3. Climate change denial – Wildrose MLA Drew Barnes funded a film questioning the science of climate change. He still argues the science isn’t settled.
  4. PC Shadow Budget backtracking – The PC caucus pulled their shadow budget after making faulty math calculations and proposing billions of cuts to important services. When MLAs voted on Alberta’s budget, the PCs didn’t propose a single amendment.
  5. Fiscal dragon’s den – The Wildrose failed to present a shadow budget but still called for billions in cuts. They proposed a “fiscal dragon’s den” to pitch what programs to cut.
  6. Abortion rights – Wildrose MLA Grant Hunter attended a rally against abortion at the Legislature, leaving questions on where the party stands on women’s rights.
  7. Indoctrinating children to become Nazis - PC party president Len Thom said the curriculum review is akin to signing up Alberta’s children into the “Hitler Youth.”
  8. Corporate donations – After accepting an illicit corporate sponsorship, Wildrose leader Brian Jean admitted the donations are illegal and said he’d stop accepting them.
  9. Family friendly workplaces – The PC and Wildrose caucuses voted against the introduction of new legislation before they even read it the first time.
  10. Gay-straight alliances –Jason Kenney and Brian Jean supported outing kids who join GSAs. Jean flip-flopped for days and Kenney hid for more than a month from the media.
  11. Wildrose BC Friends –Wildrose’s Brian Jean said he’d have a good relationship with a new BC Premier to build the pipelines he couldn’t get built in 10 years in Ottawa. His MLA Derek Fildebrandt weighed in, calling BC politicians “inmates running the asylum.”
  12. PC MLA fined $500 for ethics breach – The Ethics Commissioner fined MLA McIver $500 for a breach. At first he accepted the decision, but is now taking it to court.

It’s clear the Wildrose and PCs hold an extreme agenda out of touch with everyday families.