Posted on Apr 24, 2020


Irfan Sabir, NDP Energy Critic, issued the following statement regarding the provincial government’s announcement of the Site Rehabilitation Program:

“Federal support for the cleanup of inactive oil and gas sites is welcome news. It will put thousands of Albertans back to work and provide much needed help to our oil and gas sector.

“I hope Premier Kenney and the UCP have further plans to support the energy sector and the women and men who work in it. And in the future, I hope they take the opportunity to enforce the polluter pay principle and ensure that municipalities and landowners are properly compensated. 

“We also must not forget that other sectors of Alberta’s economy have been hit by the oil price collapse and the global pandemic and deserve the support of this government. As we look to the near future, and begin plans to recover from this crisis, we must have an aggressive and robust plan to diversify our economy and protect against boom and bust cycles.

“It’s unfortunate it has taken the Premier this long to act. For over a month, working Albertans have been waiting for support while the UCP silently sat by waiting for help from the federal government. And it will still be weeks before any money starts to flow to energy companies and workers. 

“Instead of constantly waiting for the federal government to act first, Premier Kenney needs to step up and show some leadership during this crisis.”