Posted on May 14, 2021


EDMONTON - It’s time for Jason Kenney to listen to Albertans and scrap his botched curriculum, after Alberta school districts have overwhelmingly refused to pilot it.

“Alberta students deserve a modern curriculum that they can all see themselves in and that prepares them for success in their lives,” said Sarah Hoffman, NDP Critic for Education, “The Kenney curriculum is not that.”

After all districts reported back, only three districts agreed to a trial of a small number of subjects, and two districts left individual teachers to decide. But 56 of 61 school districts, representing 94.6 per cent of all students, refused to pilot any part of the curriculum this fall.

“This is a clear rejection,” Hoffman said. “Alongside these many districts are First Nations and Metis groups, Francophones, teachers, education experts, and members of the general public. If Minister Adriana LaGrange thought that running a few ads on the radio would convince people otherwise, now she has her answer.

“Let’s be clear: she cannot proceed with a curriculum that has been so clearly and forcefully rejected by Albertans.”

Alberta’s NDP Opposition would be questioning LaGrange about her failed curriculum and failed school safety plan, but the UCP has padlocked the legislature for at least another week.

“Instead of dealing with one of the most important issues facing Alberta schools, Adriana LaGrange spent her day yesterday immersed in yet another UCP melodrama,” Hoffman said. 

“Our commitment to Alberta students, staff, and families is that if we are entrusted with government in 2023 we will immediately begin consultation to develop the modern and inclusive curriculum that Albertans want.”