Posted on Nov 9, 2020


CALGARY - NDP MLA for Calgary-McCall Irfan Sabir is calling on Premier Jason Kenney to visit northeast Calgary to survey the damage still left by June’s hailstorm in the hopes that the UCP will finally provide relief to those struggling to repair their homes.

The storm is estimated to have caused $1.2 billion in damage, the costliest in Canadian history. As of last month, less than half of the 70,000 insurance claims had been resolved.

“It’s been five months since the storm and the people in northeast Calgary are still living with boarded up windows and holes in their roofs,” said Sabir. “The living conditions will only get worse as the temperature continues to drop and more snow is on the way. People need help and they need it now.”

Last week, Calgary City Council allowed residents affected by the storm to defer property taxes until the end of 2021 in order to provide financial relief to help those with a lack of insurance or problems getting insurance payments.

Councillor George Chahal said disaster relief is a provincial responsibility, but the city stepped in because the UCP government had “abdicated their responsibility in regards to supporting these residents."

Similarly, Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra noted "the response has been shockingly different” when comparing the provincial response from the 2013 floods to this year’s hailstorm. 

In June, Kenney visited the area for a photo op, only to leave without any relief for residents. The province later provided assistance for damage caused by overland flooding and uninsurable loss, but many residents continue to struggle with insurance costs and obtaining coverage. 

“Jason Kenney doesn’t understand what people are going through in northeast Calgary. He continues to ignore us while giving breaks to insurance companies,” said Sabir. “He needs to come here to see firsthand the challenges people are facing. Then maybe he’ll finally provide some help and we can get back to rebuilding our homes and our community.”