Posted on Jul 22, 2020


EDMONTON - Albertans gave $1,032,796.85 to the NDP in the past quarter, compared to only $642,677.29 to the UCP. 

“We are speaking up for Albertans on issues that matter to them, like healthcare, education, and workers rights, and these fundraising totals show that Albertans are behind us,” said Rachel Notley, Alberta NDP Leader. “I’m incredibly grateful for this powerful show of support for the work we are doing on behalf of Albertans.”

“We refused to take a penny from taxpayers throughout this pandemic,” Provincial Secretary Brandon Stevens said. “The wage subsidy was meant for non-profits, businesses and their workers. We showed Albertans that we were working for them, and they willingly supported us.” 

Notably, Jason Kenney has not donated a single dollar to his own party this quarter, while forcing taxpayers to donate by taking the federal CEWB benefit.

“Jason Kenney diverted emergency pandemic relief money from Alberta taxpayers without their consent to support his political party. That’s disgraceful, and we call on him to return every single dollar to taxpayers,” Stevens said.

“We will continue to hold Jason Kenney accountable for his $4.7-billion corporate handout, the crisis he has created in healthcare, and his attacks on public education,” said Rachel Notley, Leader of the Alberta NDP. “Albertans deserve a government that is focused on making their lives better, and we will keep working towards that every single day.”