Posted on Jul 10, 2020


CALGARY -- Despite adding jobs last month, Albertans are still struggling to find work, according to new figures from Statistics Canada.


In June, there were 382,000 Albertans looking for work, more than double the amount in June of last year. Alberta also had the second highest unemployment rate in the country, sitting at 15.5 per cent. 


“While adding jobs is encouraging, Jason Kenney and the UCP aren’t doing enough to fix the crisis of unemployment in Alberta,” said Joe Ceci, NDP MLA for Calgary-Buffalo. “Albertans are struggling to find work and to make ends meet as this UCP government doubles down on their failed $4.7 billion corporate handout.” 


In June, the UCP released their Economic Recovery Plan that centered on accelerating their corporate tax cuts and coincided with the loss of 50,000 jobs. This was in addition to massive cuts to programs to diversify Alberta’s economy. 


“The UCP have only made a bad situation worse. Instead of writing blank cheques to profitable corporations, we need support for Albertans to get them back to work. Things like child care and support for small business,” said Ceci. “We need a bold vision and a real plan that diversifies our economy and sets our province up for a recovery that includes all Albertans.”