Posted on Jun 13, 2021


CALGARY - One year ago today, a severe hailstorm tore across northeast Calgary, causing $1.3 billion in damage to more than 70,000 homes and vehicles. One year later, Jason Kenney and the UCP are still refusing to help families struggling to recover from their losses.


“Jason Kenney didn’t help those affected by the June 13 hailstorm,” said Irfan Sabir, NDP MLA for Calgary-McCall. “The residents still continue to struggle but the UCP won't stand up to their friends and lobbyists in the insurance industry. That’s shameful.”


The June 13th hailstorm was the fourth most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history. But the Kenney government has continuously refused to provide residents of northeast Calgary the same support offered to Albertans affected by other severe natural disasters, or to advocate for them when insurance companies gave them the run-around.


“Residents continue to struggle and now some insurance companies are refusing to renew coverage or provide insurance to residents based on ‘claims frequency and severity.’” said Sabir. “Now they find themselves unable to find affordable coverage. This is unfair and this needs to stop.


“I have written to the Finance Minister to urge him to take action against these insurance companies, but he continues to defend them and claim that nothing has changed. Clearly the Kenney government has no idea what’s happening to families in northeast Calgary and no interest in listening to them.”