Posted on May 25, 2020


NDP Official Opposition Leader Rachel Notley issued the following statement regarding the UCP’s announcement of a survey soliciting feedback on the federal-provincial commercial rent subsidy:

“Our caucus started hearing from businesses over two months ago, they don’t need to wait another two months while Jason Kenney asks questions he should already know the answer to. 

“Many businesses are now behind on rent payments, and instead of stepping up to support small businesses, Jason Kenney let Ottawa take the lead and design a solution.

“But the program doesn’t work for Alberta. Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau’s commercial rent program is broken. This has led to many small businesses falling through the cracks and not getting the support they need to survive.

“The only thing they’ve received from Jason Kenney and the UCP in response is a survey with vague assurances of help.  

“Jason Kenney needs to stop waiting. Rent is due in seven days. These businesses need real support - not a survey.”