Posted on Oct 19, 2020


EDMONTON - Alberta’s Official NDP Opposition will focus on Jason Kenney’s self-inflicted jobs and economic crisis, and the chaos he’s causing in public health care in the upcoming legislative session. 

The NDP will hold Jason Kenney and the UCP accountable for record high unemployment, failure to create jobs and grow the economy, and increasing chaos and cuts to health care, said Opposition House Leader Heather Sweet. 

The Fall Sitting of the Second Session of the Thirtieth Legislature begins tomorrow.

“The Premier’s jobs plan is in tatters,” Sweet said. “He handed over more than $4.7 billion to big corporations and Alberta lost 50,000 jobs,” Sweet said.

“Now he’s doubling down on that horrendous policy by speeding up the handout of Albertans’ money to companies that have used it to boost stock options and invest in other provinces. 

“Albertans are looking for actual leadership that can navigate the difficult times we find ourselves in. Our focus will be to call out the UCP’s failures on the economy and to put forward ideas that prove there is a better way to handle this crisis.” 

Alberta’s NDP called for a special debate on the economic crisis to open the session. The government has failed to respond to that call.

“I am deeply concerned that Jason Kenney is not taking this crisis seriously enough and will not level with the people of Alberta about his policy failures,” Sweet said.

Jason Kenney’s policies are directly pushing thousands more Albertans out of their jobs. This includes 11,000 frontline hospital workers, whose layoffs were announced last week.

“Albertans know that firing 11,000 people during a economic crisis and creating widespread chaos in our hospitals during a pandemic is cruel, irresponsible, and downright stupid,” Sweet said. “The Albertans who clean hospitals, change soiled bedding and prepare food for our loved ones are heroes. Jason Kenney wants to sacrifice them to pay for his $4.7-billion corporate handout, but Rachel Notley and the NDP Opposition will stand up and speak up for them.”

The fall session will likely include numerous attempts by Jason Kenney to distract Albertans from his economic failure.

“I fully expect to see plenty of hand-waving and pointless theatrics from this government. But every action should be judged on whether or not it creates even one job for any of the 290,000 Albertans who are looking for work.”