Posted on Jul 1, 2020


EDMONTON - On Canada’s 153rd birthday, Alberta’s NDP Opposition is committing to bringing forward a motion that will call on the Legislature to support a united Canada and reject separatism, two things the UCP has either failed or refused to do.

Repeatedly, UCP Cypress-Medicine Hat MLA Drew Barnes has, without challenge or objection  from Jason Kenney or any member of the UCP Cabinet and Caucus, supported the idea of Alberta separating from Canada.

As well, UCP Red Deer-South MLA Jason Stephan read off a bizarre rant last month in the Legislature in which he referred to other Canadian provinces as, “hostile, parasitic partners.”

“This motion will force Jason Kenney and the UCP to finally take a stand,” said Heather Sweet, NDP House Leader and Critic for Democracy and Ethics. “Fanning the flames of separatism is this Premier’s way of distracting Albertans from his failed $4.7-billion corporate handout, which hasn’t created jobs or drawn in new investment.”

The motion that the NDP will present to the Legislature on Monday will call upon the members of the Assembly to commit to a strong and united Canada, that will always include Alberta and call on members to denounce separatism.

“Our Caucus has been clear and open with Albertans in our support for a united Canada and unanimous in our belief that Alberta’s best interest lay within Canada,” Sweet said. “It is time for Jason Kenney and the UCP to finally be upfront with Albertans on this serious issue.”

NDP Military Liaison Nicole Goehring noted that members of the Canadian Armed Forces put their lives on the line to protect a united Canada.

“The last thing our brave men and women need is this Premier allowing his Caucus members to draw into question whether we are actually Canadians,” Goehring said. “Let’s be clear, the members of our NDP Caucus — as well as the vast majority of Albertans — are proud to be Canadian. The Albertans I talk to would rather that this Premier stop with the petty political games and actually focus on creating the jobs he promised.”