Posted on Aug 26, 2020


CALGARY -- The NDP Official Opposition are calling on the UCP government to limit class sizes by using existing empty space to physically distance students. 

On Wednesday, NDP Education Critic Sarah Hoffman was joined by Calgary teacher Abbey Curzon to demonstrate how limiting class sizes to 15 can be achieved with the use of a community hall. 

“Every day, I’m hearing from parents and teachers who are worried about sending kids back into crowded classrooms of 30 or more students,” said Hoffman. “You can’t properly distance in a classroom like that. It isn’t safe.”

As part of the NDP’s alternative school re-entry plan, they are proposing a class size cap of 15 and using additional spaces to achieve the reduced class sizes. The plan also proposes hiring additional staff, including the more than 20,000 education staff that were laid off in March.

“The best way for our government to limit class sizes is to find additional space by collaborating with community partners such as churches, community halls, universities, recreation centers and vacant office buildings to find additional classroom space,” said Curzon. 

“As far as funding is concerned, even if the government were to lower the sizable tax break given to large corporations and redirect just a fraction of the money towards education, they would find the funds needed. This would have the added bonus of employing more people, something the tax break has yet to do.”