Posted on Mar 31, 2021

NDP Municipal Affairs Critic Joe Ceci issued the following statement regarding construction of the Green Line being delayed until 2022:

“The Green Line is critical to revitalizing our downtown and getting Calgarians back to work. This unnecessary delay is a complete failure by Jason Kenney and the UCP that puts 20,000 jobs at risk at a time when Calgarians need them the most.


“Every day that passes without shovels in the ground lies squarely at the feet of Jason Kenney, Transportation Minister Ric McIver and their UCP government. They somehow managed to find billions of dollars for profitable corporations but came up empty-handed for critical projects that will improve the lives of Calgarians. 


“It’s time for Jason Kenney, Ric McIver and the UCP to stop taking our city for granted. Let’s get Calgarians back to work and build the Green Line.”