Posted on Sep 29, 2020

NDP MLAs Irfan Sabir and Deron Bilous issued the following statement in response to the layoffs at TC Energy:

“Jason Kenney and the UCP gave TC Energy $7.5 billion dollars with no strings attached. The layoffs today are a devastating example of Jason Kenney’s failure to create jobs and spur economic growth. Jason Kenney and the UCP lost 50,000 jobs before the pandemic. Now even more people are wondering how they’re going to pay their bills, put food on their table, and support their families. 

“We still do not know how many layoffs occurred today so my colleagues and I are asking Jason Kenney to immediately direct his Minister of Labour, Jason Copping to release those numbers.

“In addition, Jason Kenney still refuses to release the details of the deal he cut with TC Energy. Albertans deserve to know where their $7.5 billions went, what will happen if this project fails completely, and how many more jobs will be lost while rich shareholders and profitable corporations fill their pockets at the expense of Albertans,” said MLA Irfan Sabir, NDP Critic for Energy. 

“Alberta is at a crossroads. We can no longer afford Jason Kenney’s ineffective and failed plan that resulted in 50,000 jobs lost, a shrinking economy, and higher costs for everyday Albertans. We need a plan that sets Alberta up for the future economy. One that supports our oil and gas sector while investing in new industries and new technologies. It does not have to be one or the other. We need a Premier with a vision for our economy that looks forward, not backward. We need a government that is focused on people, on good, mortgage paying jobs, and an economic recovery for everyone,” said MLA Deron Bilous, NDP Critic for Economic Development.