Posted on Sep 24, 2020

NDP Leader Rachel Notley issued the following statement in response to Premier Kenney’s reaction to the federal Throne Speech:

“I was alarmed by the comments we heard from the Premier today. This premier is so desperate to distract Albertans from his inability to create jobs and restart economic growth that he is continuing his fake fight with Ottawa at the expense of the best interest of the people he was elected to represent. In addition to losing 50,000 jobs even before the pandemic, and in addition to shrinking Alberta’s economy with his $4.7 billion corporate handout, Jason Kenney made it clear today that he is willing to put his own political interest over the possibility of a long-awaited and long overdue national drug plan. This self-serving decision will undermine the quality and affordability of the health care of millions of Albertans. This is an abdication of leadership. Albertans deserve a leader who will do the hard work of building a real economic recovery plan, a leader who will do whatever it takes to get Albertans back to work, and a leader who is laser focused on the challenges facing Alberta, not fake fights with federal politicians.”