Posted on Jun 15, 2020


EDMONTON — NDP MLAS will vote in favour of a motion Monday that calls on the UCP Government to address skyrocketing insurance through policy measures, including re-introducing an insurance cap on annual increases to premiums. 


NDP Service Alberta Critic Jon Carson put the motion forward with the hopes that the UCP will reverse their decisions on automobile insurance.


“Albertans are struggling right now. We’re facing record job losses and a major economic downturn while everyday Albertans are paying more to insure vehicles that they haven’t been driving”, said Carson. “I hope the UCP takes this opportunity to think about how this impacts their constituents and votes accordingly.” 


The UCP cancelled the five percent cap on annual insurance increases that the NDP introduced while in government. Since then, auto insurance premiums have drastically increased — some Albertans are paying 30 per cent more this year alone. These increases are continuing even though Albertans are driving less due to COVID-19. 


On January 10, 2020, Jon Carson revealed that Jason Kenney’s former Chief of Staff and former Campaign Director of the UCP, Nick Koolsbergen, is a registered insurance lobbyist who has been meeting with the government. 


“This vote will show where the loyalty of the UCP lies. Is it to Albertans or to their friends in the industry?” said Carson. 


The Vote on the Motion is scheduled to take place in the Legislature Monday afternoon.


The motion reads:


Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly urge the Government to take

measures to better regulate the automobile insurance system in Alberta

including, but not limited to, the establishment of reasonable rate caps, to

prevent further undue financial hardship for Albertans.