Posted on Dec 22, 2020

NDP Environment and Parks Critic Marlin Schmidt issued the following statement:

“Jason Kenney and the UCP tried to sneak through the fire sale of more than 170 Alberta parks and got caught. Today, it appears the Government has backtracked on this terrible idea; however, that's only because hundreds of thousands of Albertans fought tooth and nail for months to force them to back down. Let's be clear, these parks belong to all Albertans, not just those in the Jason Kenney’s cabinet.


While I am relieved, there are still many outstanding questions. Caring for Alberta’s parks and wild spaces is ultimately the responsibility of the government, as finally admitted today, so how will the government support these partners in managing these spaces? We don't want to see more downloading of costs or raising of fees. Privatizing these spaces is ultimately the same as selling them off. Albertans need to know who is responsible for managing our precious wild spaces.”