Posted on Jul 16, 2018

NDP caucus calls for $7245 repayment from Kenney and Gill’s party event

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July 16, 2018


NDP caucus calls for $7245 repayment from Kenney and Gill’s party event

EDMONTON – The NDP caucus has written to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly to investigate a $7245 expense by MLA Prab Gill for a Conservative party event featuring Jason Kenney. The NDP caucus is calling for Mr. Kenney and Mr. Gill to repay the $7245.

On February 23, then-UCP MLA Prab Gill hosted Mr. Kenney and expensed a banquet to taxpayers. Mr. Kenney asked the audience to join his political party. Kenney said,

“And I want to invite all of you to get involved in the work of this renewal. We will not defeat the NDP by accident. It's going to require hard work. And I want to, we have uh, later this year we will be having our founding convention, the first weekend of May in Red Deer. I hope to see you many of you there. Our members will have an opportunity to have a clean slate to define the policy direction of what we hope is the next Alberta government. Please be there and give us your voice - your experience. And then, in the next six months, from June to December of this year, we will be- you will be nominating, I hope, 87 confident, principled, ethical and diverse Albertans to be that next government. So if you know people who would be willing to go forward for public service. And let me say: I especially want to encourage ladies to step forward in these nominations so that we can ensure that our caucus and government reflects the diversity of Alberta. And please step forward and support candidates that you know who share your values, who will work hard for you. Are you willing to do that and help us?”

A full recording of the speech is available. The remarks are made at approximately 28 minutes.[1]

Mr. Kenney tweeted the following day the event was for “UCP supporters.”[2]

The Legislative Assembly rules are very clear. These MLA funds are not to be used for partisan activities, including “activities that relate to the internal administration, organization, convention, meetings or communications of a political party or constituency association.”[3]

Mr. Kenney and Mr. Gill ignored the rules. They should pay back the funds immediately.



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