Posted on Dec 31, 2019

Marlin Schmidt, NDP Environment Critic statement regarding UCP position on climate and economic policy

“The environment and the economy can, and must, go hand in hand. By pitting the economy and the environment against each other, Premier Kenney and the UCP are failing at both.


“Jason Kenney and the UCP have cut programs that were diversifying our economy and they have slowed Alberta's progress in reducing harmful emissions. 


“In his remarks today, Minister Schweitzer neglected to acknowledge that his government's lack of action to combat climate change was a key element in Alberta’s recent credit downgrade. 


“His government's $4.7 billion handout to profitable corporations is hurting Alberta's economy and our ability to take meaningful action on climate change. Under this UCP government’s leadership, Alberta has lost billions of dollars in investment, and thousands of jobs in energy efficiency, renewables and clean technology. Just last month, 18,000 jobs were lost in Alberta causing the unemployment rate to jump to 7.2 per cent. 


“The UCP government should spend more time focused on the job of getting Albertans back to work and less time wasting public money on pricey lawyers playing political games that he knows will fail.”