Posted on Aug 13, 2018

Kenney’s national party stands by Bernier’s views – does he?

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August 13, 2018

EDMONTON – Jason Kenney needs to address his former colleague and friend Maxime Bernier’s intolerant views of diversity, since his former federal caucus colleagues are standing by Bernier’s harsh words.

Bernier’s rant, calling diversity a “cult” that will “destroy” Canada, should be condemned as anti-Canadian.[1] The federal Conservatives are refusing to kick Bernier out of their caucus.

Kenney and Bernier are friends, and shared time in federal cabinet together. Kenney congratulated Bernier on his “brilliant race” for federal leadership only a year ago.[2] Sharing a photo with Kenney, Bernier called him “a good friend”.[3]

Jason Kenney must state if he stands by Bernier’s intolerant views on Canadian diversity.


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