Posted on Apr 10, 2018

Kenney opposed abortion bubble zones and supported injunction-breaking protestors before

For immediate release
April 10, 2018

EDMONTON – During his time in Ottawa, then-MP Jason Kenney condemned bubble zone legislation, and lumped praise on the protestors arrested for breaking a court injunction. Now, he’s hiding his position by refusing to show up to vote on the bill that legislates 50-metre bubble zones around Alberta’s abortion clinics.

In December 1999, Kenney railed against the arrests of four people who broke a bubble zone imposed by court injunction at a Toronto abortion clinic.[1] He gave a members’ statement condemning the arrests, stating, “A variety of injunctions and laws have sprung up across Canada prohibiting Canadians who oppose abortion on demand from expressing that view. Consequently, attacks on their right to peacefully speak have become widespread.”[2] He concluded by stating, “It is time for society to consistently defend freedom of speech.”



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