Posted on Feb 2, 2018

Kenney must explain why he stood by Derek Fildebrandt for so long

EDMONTON- UCP Leader Jason Kenney needs to explain why he’s called Derek Fildebrandt his “friend” and a “talented, principled young conservative” even as the MLA rented out his taxpayer-funded apartment on AirBNB, was charged and convicted of a hit-and-run in Edmonton and has now pled guilty to poaching a deer on private property.

Only today, following the AirBNB scandal and two convictions for traffic and poaching charges, has Jason Kenney has finally spoken out against Fildebrandt.

That’s new for Kenney, who all along has stood by Fildebrandt. He stated recently on September 24, 2017, “Derek is a talented, principled young conservative. He was a strong voice for taxpayers at the Canadian Taxpayer Federation and as Official Opposition Finance critic. He obviously made a couple of mistakes recently, for which he has owned up and taken responsibility, and also taken his licks.”[1]

A week later, Kenney went further stating, "Derek and I are friends and I thank him for his public service …. I think we’re lucky to have a principled, fiscal conservative fighting for the people of Strathmore-Brooks.”[2]

Jason Kenney and the UCP leadership must explain why they stood by Derek Fildebrandt for so long.


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