Posted on May 22, 2017


EDMONTON – PC Leader Jason Kenney must address MLA Prab Gill’s recent comments about Albertans living with disabilities, starting by demanding that Gill remove the comments and apologize.

Last night it surfaced on social media that on March 14 a user wrote on Gill’s Facebook account, stating, “They’ve have left every province they’ve run bankrupt & broken but yet retards still vote them in”. Gill replied with “Yes, agree Rick”.

“Calling Albertans the r-word is totally unacceptable,” says MLA Sandra Jansen. “For Prab Gill to insult persons with disabilities and the voters of Alberta is not only disrespectful, it is beneath that of an elected official.”

This comes on the heels of inappropriate comments made by PC MLA Ric McIver last month where he said that better healthcare for people living with disabilities was a “giveaway” and “buying votes”. 

“The PCs are out of touch with Albertans living with disabilities,” said Jansen. “I’m hearing from many people that they are disgusted by these comments. Perhaps if they took some time away from cutting backroom deals and talking to real people, they would have a greater understanding of the struggles faced by those living with disabilities.”