Posted on May 6, 2021


CALGARY - Jason Kenney must put real action behind his recent promise to enforce public health orders, as numerous events are already being planned to violate the measures that keep Albertans safe.

“Alberta families and businesses are making huge sacrifices to keep themselves and their communities safe,” said Irfan Sabir, NDP Critic for Justice. “All of this is for nothing if Jason Kenney continues to look the other way while dangerous anti-mask events are being openly organized and publicized.”

An anti-mask rodeo attended by roughly 2,000 people outside Bowden has drawn widespread condemnation, but the organizers have faced no consequences. In fact, they have announced another 

A weekend protest is planned for outside the Whistle Stop Cafe, a restaurant in Mirror which continued to serve patrons outdoors on Wednesday after AHS padlocked the building. Recurring marches and rallies are planned for every Sunday at Calgary’s Central Memorial Park, and a “super-rally” is planned for Princess Island Park on Saturday May 15.

“The Kenney government has failed to uphold the rule of law during a deadly public health crisis,” Sabir said. “By allowing these recent events to proceed, he has only encouraged more of this reckless and unacceptable behaviour.

“Jason Kenney must act to stop these upcoming events, and prove that his words were not simply another hollow promise.”