Posted on Jul 5, 2021

Kathleen Ganley, NDP Critic for Energy, made the following statement in response to the Kenney government taking a 50 per cent ownership stake in the Sturgeon Refinery:

“Albertans should be deeply concerned that Jason Kenney has made them part owners of one of the most notorious Conservative boondoggles in Alberta history. It’s unacceptable that neither the premier nor Minister Savage made themselves available to take questions from the public on the details of this deal.


“Albertans have a right to see the complete agreement and understand all the details of the potential new risks and liabilities. Jason Kenney’s record on energy investment is abysmal. He lost $1.3 billion of taxpayers’ money on his purchase of the doomed Keystone XL project. Now he has taken on part ownership of a refinery that, according to Alberta Energy’s most recent Annual Report, has a negative net present value of $2.5 billion.


“Albertans don’t trust Jason Kenney. I call on him to release all of the details of this equity agreement immediately and make himself available to take questions from the media and Albertans.”