Posted on Apr 24, 2020


EDMONTON -- Jason Kenney admitted Tuesday in a Facebook live event that NDP Opposition concerns about the UCP government’s Bill 10, a massive overreach and an abuse of power, were valid. 

Despite claiming for weeks that criticism and the concerns raised about the colossal government overreach in Bill 10 was just fear and smear, Premier Jason Kenney took to Facebook to abruptly reverse his position and acknowledge the mistake of the UCP caucus in voting down NDP amendments. 

The Bill gives the UCP Government Cabinet the ability to write legislation without the approval of the Legislature.

During a Facebook live Wednesday, the Premier responded to a concerned Albertan who asked: “What is Bill 10 all about? What are you hiding?” 

"In any event let me tell you that given the public concerns, which I think are reasonable or understandable, I’ve asked our lawyers to go back to the drawing board and we’re looking at possibly bringing forward amendments to the public health act to narrow, circumscribe or limit what we brought forward in Bill 10. Perhaps bringing in more obvious sunset clauses for these provisions for example...”

On April 1, MLA David Shepherd proposed an amendment that would have included a sunset clause on Bill 10. The following day 20 members of the UCP voted against the amendment.

“For weeks Albertans from all walks of life have been calling on Jason Kenney and the UCP to rein in the colossal overreach they forced through the Legislature in Bill 10,” said Shepherd. “Now finally Jason Kenney has acknowledged that not only were these concerns valid, but he’s committed to changing them and seemed willing to pass amendments proposed by the Official Opposition that the UCP called unnecessary and redundant”

Opposition to Bill 10 has come from sources that ranged from the Global and Mail to Jason Kenney’s close friend and ally John Carpay, who despite supporting Kenney during his fight against gay-straight alliances has announced his intent to file a constitutional challenge against the legislation.

“I am glad that the Premier has finally seen at least some of the errors of his ways, and seems to admit the mistake his Caucus made in ignoring the common sense of our caucus in favour of his own ego and arrogance,” continued Shepherd. “We are happy to accept his admission of mistake and look forward to joining him in the legislation to pass the amendment he now admits should have been passed weeks ago.”