Posted on Apr 13, 2017

Is Brian Jean opening the door to repealing Bill 10?

In 2015, the Wildrose voted unanimously for Bill 10, which allowed students to set up gay-straight alliances in schools. Following weeks of uncertainty, and divisions within the Wildrose caucus on whether LGBTQ+ kids should be outed, it appears that Mr. Jean is now addressing the matter of the law on this issue, allowing for the possibility of repealing Bill 10 should they form government:

Graham Thomson, Edmonton Journal: "It’s usual for caucuses to have debates behind closed doors, then have a public face that’s united. This seems, the member of your own caucus publicly disagreeing with you [on GSAs]?"

Brian Jean: "Well I think what he’s asking his constituents to do and all Albertans if they feel strongly about this subject, I hope they will have an opportunity and take that opportunity to write me as soon as possible because

I’m more than happy to hear all of those opinions because I think with the widest breadth of consultation with Albertans we’ll actually be able to get the law right. And I think this is a very important issue for many Albertans and I want to make sure we get the law right."

Brian Jean must state his position, not only on outing LGBTQ+ kids, but now also his position on Bill 10.


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