Posted on Dec 19, 2017

Does Jason Kenney agree with his caucus that $25-a-day childcare is a waste?

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December 19, 2017

EDMONTON – With today’s expansion of affordable childcare to dozens of new locations,[1] the UCP caucus, led by Jason Kenney, must state whether they still oppose $25-a-day childcare, after their MLA once called the affordable childcare program a “waste.”

In a committee meeting while reviewing the affordable childcare program last year, UCP MLA Angela Pitt called the investments a “waste” and claimed the program would put “dollars at risk.” Minister Sabir replied, “If you think that spending money on child care is a waste, I would disagree.”[2]

Jason Kenney has previously failed to support affordable public childcare. In Parliament, he called childcare a program to “engineer social outcomes.”[3] He’s also on the record stating he “personally believes children need a parent at home.”[4]

Jason Kenney must clarify if he agrees with his MLA that $25-a-day childcare is a “waste” because he prefers “a parent at home.”


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