Posted on May 17, 2021

David Shepherd, NDP Critic for Health, made the following statement today:

“I am very disappointed that Jason Kenney used his opportunity today to speak only to the extremist elements of his caucus and his party, and not to the Albertans who urgently need help. It’s very troubling that after more than a year into this pandemic, and after thousands of deaths, Jason Kenney is still trying to convince his caucus that COVID is a serious issue. 

“His decision to repeatedly spread misinformation and downplay the threat of COVID-19, while continuing to act last and act least, has had tragic results for Alberta families and has caused significant unnecessary harm to our economy. 

“Today, Jason Kenney failed to announce a plan for paid sick leave, even though the Opposition has the bill drafted and ready to go. He failed to announce any new support for schools, childcare centres, or small businesses.

“Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and the CEO of Alberta Health Services both provided detailed updates today. In a situation as serious as this, Albertans deserve this level of detail every day.

“Jason Kenney has failed to provide the leadership Alberta needs through this pandemic. He has been focused on internal UCP rebellion, and he’s failing to address the pressing needs of Alberta families and businesses.”