Posted on Jun 22, 2021

David Shepherd made the following statement today in response to the release of the Helicopters Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) report:

“I am deeply disappointed that Tyler Shandro intends to abandon the province’s relationship with community rescue helicopter organizations like HALO in Medicine Hat and HERO in Fort McMurray.


“This is incredibly disrespectful to the community members who work so hard to help their fellow Albertans, and to the local businesses who have given so generously to keep them flying. This decision is another example of Tyler Shandro’s drive to centralize control of emergency services.


“It’s especially cruel after Shandro forced Albertans in the north and southeast to wait so long for this badly delayed report, and then refused to face the media and be accountable.


“I’m proud of the work that our NDP government did to support community rescue helicopter organizations, and we continue to believe they have an important role in providing emergency care to Albertans in distress. I strongly urge Tyler Shandro to consult with these organizations and the communities they serve before making a final decision.”