Posted on Jul 9, 2021

David Shepherd issued the following statement in response to the UCP’s continuing care announcement:

“Alberta needs to bring many more continuing care beds online and expand access to quality homecare. I’m disappointed to see Tyler Shandro focus so much of his attention on increasing privately operated beds instead of strengthening the public system. 


“Shandro said nothing today about what levels of care will be provided with this funding. We know that supportive living level 4, and dementia care, will be in great demand in the coming years. I hope he will focus this spending on projects that meet Albertans’ health needs, and not simply ones that maximize the operator’s profit margins with lower levels of care.


“I was disappointed Shandro did not present a plan to address the critical staffing shortages in healthcare facilities across the province. For example, the Galahad Care Centre is currently closed, forcing 18 seniors to move out of their community because there are not enough staff to operate it safely.”