Posted on Jan 22, 2020

Another police investigation into UCP leadership

The UCP’s legacy of corruption continues with the news that the RCMP has launched a fraud investigation into the 2017 leadership race that elected Jason Kenney Leader of the UCP.

“This is more evidence of the continuing pattern of corrupt behaviour this Premier built his leadership on,” said Heather Sweet, NDP Democracy and Accountability Critic. “Identity fraud investigations, a kamikaze campaign funded in part by fake donors and an illegal $60,000 corporate donation, and now a new police investigation into whether the Jeff Callaway campaign, which Kenney and his inner circle were intimately connected to, defrauded donors with their phony leadership run.” 

Leaked documents revealed that Kenney’s campaign collaborated with the Callaway campaign, including writing speeches, creating graphics to attack Brian Jean, and even writing Callaway’s concession speech and preplanning the date he would leave the race and endorse Kenney.  

Media reports the RCMP has opened a new fraud investigation into the ongoing kamikaze scandal which resulted in over $211,000 in fines issued by the Election Commissioner, who was fired by the UCP government.

This report follows on a statement from RCMP made on social media that their investigation into allegations of identity fraud during the UCP leadership race remains ongoing. To date, five members of Kenney’s cabinet and three members of his caucus have been questioned by the RCMP in connection to this investigation.

“From Day One Jason Kenney has tried to duck and dodge questions on these serious scandals that surround his leadership,” said Sweet. “He fired the Election Commissioner in the middle of an investigation, and then falsely claimed it was a cost savings measure. He referred to the allegations under investigations as Twitter gossip and tried to shrug them off. Albertans deserve better than the dishonesty and corruption they are getting from this Premier Kenney and UCP Government.”