Posted on Oct 26, 2020

Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley made the following statement:

“The wildcat strikes occurring across Alberta are deeply concerning. Like all Albertans, our caucus believes patient safety must always be the top priority.

"Jason Kenney’s proposal to privatize the work of 11,000 front line healthcare workers in the middle of a pandemic will absolutely result in poorer quality healthcare for Albertans. His suggestion that this can be done without compromising care defies common sense. For the sake of Alberta patients and the people who care about them, this reckless plan must stop.

“The UCP has repeatedly introduced illegal pieces of legislation designed specifically to attack frontline healthcare workers. In contrast, our NDP government maintained labour peace over our four-year term while containing costs.

“It is Jason Kenney who has caused widespread chaos in our healthcare system — the responsibility for this lays squarely at his feet. His illegal acts started before the pandemic and he has persisted in the face of mounting opposition and public concern. The UCP must stop this deliberate attack on public health care and get back to the table with frontline healthcare heroes.”